Personnal challenge for amateur swimmers - SUSPENDED IN 2019
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** Please note that due to a restructuring of our program for the 65th edition, the Solo Traversée will be suspended in 2019 **



Since 2006, the Traversée internationale du lac St-Jean Organization has dedicated an official day for the Solo Crossing, so as to give athletes a chance to challenge the Pekuakami on a non-competitive level.

The start of this solo test is at 7:00 AM in Péribonka. A boat and guide accompany each swimmer for the entire 32 km course, i.e. the same support provided to the swimmers in the “official” Traversée internationale du lac St-Jean (FINA 32k). The swimmers who complete the distance have their times recorded by the Organization.

For reasons of safety as well as management, a maximum of five (5) swimmers may participate in the event in any one year. Athletes wishing to experience the challenge must submit their names to a selection committee that will take into account each applicant’s state of health and degree of training.