The Rio Tinto Youth Marathon is a leg of the Coupe Espoir Canada Carrossier ProColor, offering $6 400 in purses!



The Rio Tinto Youth Marathon allows competitors aged 14 to 26 to best lac St-Jean in a 10 km solo challenge. The departure of the race takes place on Robertson’s Beach in the Montagnais Community of Mashteuiatsh. Its finish – always emotional and spectacular – in Roberval at the spot where the swimmers of the 32 km race touch the finish line plaque. Come share the fever of the departure of the Rio Tinto Youth Marathon in Mashteuiatsh, Friday, July 24, 2020 at 1:30 PM.

The Youth Marathon: A Brief History

In 1985, four young athletes from the Gami Swimming Club of Roberval attempted and succeeded in crossing lac St-Jean in relay style. During the 39th Edition in 1993, the Traversée Organization Committee took a significant step toward assuring the development of open water swimming: it created the Youth Marathon, a contest involving two swimmers covering a 16 km stretch of open water between Saint. Prime and Roberval. In 1999, this marathon took on its present form: a 10 km individual test between Mashteuiatsh and Roberval. It is needless to say, the introduction of this contest by the Traversée Organization encouraged many young swimmers from Quebec and across Canada to participate in the 32 km marathon as well as in the FINA Open Water Swimming Circuits.